Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Working Out

Awhile back, somebody had mentioned a work out outfit as one of the things I should shop for. I can't tell you how pathetic it is that even when I do something manly like working out, I don't look even the slightest bit masculine.  This was not a big work out day. I posed for a few pictures and went for a mile run with Heather and Sheila.   I've been given 48 hours to let my roommate know or have her find out about my dressing.  I can't believe it's come to this.  I know I have a lot of crossdressers reading this.  Have any of you come out to your friends?  How?


  1. yes i have come out to my friends and they support me 100 percent. do not be afraid if your roomate is truly your friend she will accept you for who you are not what you dress like.

  2. Xiu,

    My girlfriend and I (We're Both Chinese) recently discovered your blog and after some persuasion, she said that I should explore my feminine side too. She and I are very close in size, except I wear a size 8 shoe and she's a 6.

    Last week, she had me shave completely from my neck down and polished my toes a light pink shade. She then got me into a pair of panties and a bra which she stuffed with some pantyhose and got me to model nearly all of her dresses, skirts, jeans and tops. I never knew how nice women's clothes felt, especially pantyhose over my clean shaved

    Over the weekend we bought a wig that looked just like her hair, a pair of black high heel pumps, a pair of strappy high heel sandals and she got me to get my ears pierced. After getting all dressed up and putting on makeup, I was practically her twin.

    We spent the weekend like 2 girlfriends; having a nice candlelight dinner, sipping wine and just enjoying the new experience. I never felt anything so good and each night we made love like animals.

    My girlfriend loves my new feminine side and wants to explore it further. We've been following your adventures in being feminized and so this weekend I too will be going out in public "en femme" to a mall out of town. I don't know what my girlfriend plans to buy, but I'm scared and excited at the same time.

    I've been practicing walking in my 4" heels and acting as feminine as possible.

    She also wants me to get realistic breast forms in order to feel more womanly. You purchased yours for $150.00. Where did you get them from?

    I never thought that dressing up as a female would be so exciting and now you are my inspiration.

    Enjoy your are beautiful.

    Shari (Simon)

  3. Something you might want to consider: You're not really a crossdresser, right? If you're going to lie to her, tell her you're a transsexual and that you're "thinking about" transitioning but haven't decided yet, and that you plan to "live as a woman" some of the time.

    I suggest this, because a lot of people regard crossdressing as a weird and creepy fetish, but thanks to shows like Oprah people are becoming more and more understanding about transsexuality.

    Normally my advice would be "just be honest", but if you're going to come out to your roommate as something that you really are not, you might as well choose something she's more likely to accept.

  4. wow you look really cute in this picture.... to bad you can't fix your eyebrows :(

    well good luck coming out to your roommate and i hope your date with this amber works out you deserve it after all you've been through