Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tough Shopping Trip

I am feminine enough that if I'm wearing a wig and a dress, I don't draw a ton of attention from a distance.  The key phrase here is from a distance.   We went shopping again today and Sheila had wanted me to get another makeover.   After feeling on display last time, I said nothing doing.  The result was that she made me shop without makeup on.   From a distance no comments, but when I would be close enough to speak with a sales person or to ring up my purchases, it was obvious that I was no girl.  As you can probably figure, I gave in and went for a trip to the makeup counter with the girls.  Amber didn't go with us this time and I was really missing her.  I don't think she would have been as mean about things.

Unfortunately, things went from bad to worse.  As we were unloading the packages from the car, the girls were teasing me about how sexy I'd look in my new clothes and I'd drive boys wild and what a sweet girl I was becoming.  At that very moment, my roommate was studying on her bed right next to the open window.  She heard everything.  When we got upstairs, she wanted to know what was going on.  If she ever believed the lines I fed her about experimenting with femininity, she sure didn't know.

Sheila and her friends sat down and discussed things with my roommate.  She has absolutely no desire to participate in this, but they explained things.   Two of them actually have sissies of their own!!!  I didn't get a chance to press this, but I need to find out more about these guys.  At least they seem to be dating their mistresses.  I thought this was beyond bizarre, but now to find out there are two other guys like me is extremely surprising.

My roommate, now addressed as Mistress Kristy or Ma'am warmed a bit to the idea and agreed to give it a shot on a trial basis.  She agreed that she wouldn't care how I was dressed and in fact, would monitor to make sure I was dressed appropriately and in exchange she would get maid service including laundry and cooking.   If anybody comes over to visit her unexpectedly when I'm dressed, I will immediately go and hide in my bedroom closet.  Basically, I'm a slave now in my own place.  After the girls left, I tried to talk to my roommate and she just told me to put on some makeup and then clean up the apartment.   I obeyed.  Hopefully, I can change her mind later tonight. The fact that she isn't interested in feminizing me gives me hope.


  1. OMG, you now have a live in Mistress. For your
    information, there are thousands of males and
    many web sites that are by guys that would love


  2. I have read your posts from the first one up to the present one. I see that you say they sort of tricked you into doing this and are holding photos of you dressed as the impetus to make you do this further. What should worry you is what if they decide to make this go further than dressing you female but rather try to force you into hormones as well. If none of this is really what you want to have happen, then why let them make it get worse for you all the time by obeying them. The more you do that. the more you give them to hold over you. I am a intersexxed transgendered person myself and can tell you right out that if you don't want something like that then be careful as it woudl be very easy for them to slip hormones to you in food or drinks without you knowing till you start developing actual female secondary sexual attributes.

  3. Wow! There is alot going on in your little universe---the date with Amber, fessing up to your roommate, your shopping trips, your general ongoing feminization, etc.---you've been a busy girl! It's interesting that full makeup may be the best way for you to avoid embarrassment, oh, the irony. The news that there may be other 'sissies' in your situation is surprising; does that make your situation seem easier somehow? Frankly, I'm not sure that I would believe this idea that there is, what, some kind of secret society of women out there who force their men into skirts? It just seems a bit far out, don't you think? It sounds like something they may have said just to calm down your roommate. Whatever the truth is, it sounds like your best bet is to stay on the good sides of Amber and your roommate---that's Mistress Kristy to you! It sounds like those two are your best hope for clinging to any of the last shreds of your masculinity. Just don't cross either of them!

  4. Love the way the photographer is wearing jeans !!

  5. Hiya, You are so pretty and very lucky. I wish I could find a group of girls to take me in and show me the girly ways. Hugs and kisses.