Friday, October 1, 2010

Not Much Time Tonight

Today was a day for indignities.  I bought the pantyhose and I had to cancel out on a date tonight because of how I knew I'd be dressed. I'm supposed to answer the questions I get, but I'm rather tired tonight and I hate talking about pantyhose, dressing up, and this crap.  Tomorrow I'll reply.  This has been dragging on for so long now.  I thought it'd be over by now. 


  1. This is all hard to believe. If you are actually a guy, it is hard to believe that you could make yourself so femme in a few days. You must have been doing this for some time. Is that what they have on you? Did they catch you in drag? Or did you steal their panties?

    Are you hairless, or did they get you to shave your legs? Did the take picture of you doing that?

    If all this is true, the one thing that I do understand is why you keep going. If your friends found out that you like to play dress up, you are toast. Girls might like to borrow your pantyhose, but not date you. If you really did not do anything, the ‘boss lady’ and her friends will surely get bored and let you alone. If you give in completely, then they might lose interest.

    If it is a hoax, at least I saw pics of a pretty girl.

  2. GREAT picture!!! For someone who says they don't want to be doing this, you look GREAT! I love how you can just see the top of your stocking peeking out from under your dress. Very cute, very ladylike. Nice. LB

  3. The girls should do something about your eyebrows, they give you away...... hehehe