Monday, October 18, 2010

Mistress Kristy

I'm trying to figure out the new situation with Mistress Kristy.   I was able to talk things over with her and she didn't budge.  She admitted that I have always been a gentleman with her, but admitted her friends and acquaintances who knew we roomed together were always curious because there are rumors about me as a TA.  I would say, I probably need to be careful for my job anyway, but having lingerie on underneath my clothes pretty much guarantees that I'm on the straight and narrow.

Mistress Kristy warned me that She not only thought the punishment fit the crime, but had no problem using it to her advantage.  I will not only be expected to cook, clean, and serve as her maid, but deciding what to watch on the television isn't going to be a joint decision anymore.  Our tastes are actually fairly similar.

True to her word,when I got in today she gave me 45 minutes to be "appropriately dressed and made up" in a way that Mistress Sheila would approve of.   She told me, I still need a lot of work on my makeup.  When one of her friends came over unexpectedly, I wound up hiding in my room for an hour.  At least I didn't have to go in my closet, but I was scared that they'd come in my room.  They didn't.


  1. What a cute outfit. You had better stay away from the boys looking like that unless you want to find a boyfriend.

    It did not take long for Mistress Kristy to take advantage of the situation. You must have had some reputation. What exactly did you do?

    It looks like Amber is your best chance to wear pants again. Don't blow it.

    Play it by ear. Just think like a girl. If she is wearing a skirt, that is an invitation. Pants, no. Keep her satisfied but backoff if she gives you that signal. There are not many girls who want to be with a boy in panties.

  2. Rumors about you as a TA? The punishment fit the crime? I knew there was something that you weren't telling us about why these women were doing this to you! Naughty, naughty girl! Pretending that you were an innocent victim in all this. Well, it sounds like Mistress Kristy has you well in hand on the home front. You may as well learn how to do the makeup well at this point; it does seem like that is your best way to avoid public embarrassment.

    Also: VERY cute schoolgirl outfit!

  3. eyebrows, such a shame you can't do your eyebrows
    you's be sooo much cuter :(

    well good luck with amber anyway it is sort of a compensating thing and a reward for being a sissy

  4. I don't know why you need breast forms. You are so feminine already Have they put you in situations where guys can look you over?

    You would turn some heads,

  5. You should find out if Mistress Kristy is interesting in going shopping with you for a girls day out to try on cute clothes....