Sunday, October 10, 2010

Extra Shopping

We went out and shopped.  Then we came home to drop stuff off.  Then we shopped again.  We went to small boutiques, big stores, and Chinatown. No way is this a Halloween prank.  I spent $420 and the girls spent nearly that much on me.  Amanda was very helpful to me, but she was also pushing me to do more and more.  It was excruciatingly embarrassing.  In Chinatown, I had a woman measure me and she me how to wear Chinese dresses.   In the mall I sat at the makeup counter and had it applied to my face while the girls ooed and ahed.  I wasn't done shopping either.  I had to make an online breast form order this morning.  I'm supposed to be a 34B when this is all said and done, though more than half my bras are A cup for wearing under my male clothes.

The worst part was I was told that all my clothes need to be hung with care in my bedroom closet.  I have to be careful that my roommate never goes in my room.   I said that not counting the $150 breasts, we spent about $800, but that doesn't include all the dresses, skirts, tops, shoes, and so on that I tried on without buying.  It got to the point that I knew whether they'd like something on me or not as soon as I saw it in the mirror, but I still had to come out and model.

Passing was an issue.  I'm not as good in heels as I thought I was and one of the reasons we came home is I just couldn't take much longer in the heels that Amanda had picked out for me.  Sometimes, I passed OK.  Other times, I faked not speaking much English or being shy and demure, which I've noticed Chinese girls always get away with.   There were a lot of times though that the girl's comments or my behavior gave me away, if not to other shoppers, to the saleswoman.

I wound up in Chinatown after the girls struck up a friendship with a Chinese Sales Girl in Forever 21.   She suggested a place for traditional Chinese clothes and raved about the dresses saying she rarely wore the one she got, but it always turned heads.  This girl was clearly loving my squirming and I have a feeling I'll be shopping there again. 

I appreciate the advice I got from you all, but I was not prepared for this.  I thought I'd pick up a dress and some heels and some bras and that'd be it.   Whoever mentioned the email being used for leverage.  I think you're right.


  1. You will look so hot with breasts of your own. You never answered the queston about whether the girls are beasts or you're a wimp. I'm really a girly girl and I think I could have you begging for mercy. You make a very cute girl, nut I hope you realize you deserve every bit of this and then some. I'm surprised you don't have a French Maid outfit yet.


  2. You look so cute... I totally don't believe you are a guy... would you like to go out to a movie and dinner this friday?


  3. You must have had a ball shopping! You are becoming soooo gurlie, more and more each day, with each added experience. Enjoy, honey!


  4. Wow, I'm jealous that you got to do all that shopping, try all the clothes and spent the day being feminine. All in the company of and with the help of some beautiful ladies that only want to make you more feminine.

    It is dream for a lot of us that you got to experience. I hope you start to appreciate and even enjoy this experiences in the future.


  5. The traditional dress is beautiful and I am sure that you will look wonderful in it.

    It does sound like you are going to be on the hook for awhile. My guess is that they are going to want you to wear most of them out somewhere before they let you go.

    If they take you out at night, ask if you can wear this one. You can pretend to be shy or speak little English. I will bet that guys that would be all over you in some outfits will treat you with respect in this one.