Saturday, October 2, 2010

Catching Up

I was up at 5AM this morning so that I could get made up and pose for some pictures outside when the sun came up.  I was given the choice of doing a very early morning photo session or go out later when people could see me.  My photographers have gone back to bed, but I have been told to leave my outfit, makeup, and wig on so there didn't seem much chance of me being able to sleep.  Later on, I will be getting lessons on sitting cross legged, which I have almost got down if I use my hands and walking in heels, which I can't do very well.  I know finding clothes to fit me is easy, but they've got me 4 different wigs.  This is expensive and I can't figure out how they're getting all this stuff.  They keep posing me for pictures in different outfits and they always want to photograph me in new locations.  When this is over, we will have to have a long talk about the disposal of all these pics.

I bought the pantyhose as I was instructed to. I got Hanes Silk Reflections, Leggs Sheer Vitality in darker colors, but they only had Hanes and Leggs so I had to go to Target as well to pick up a third brand.  So far the Hanes are less uncomfortable.

Chrissee,  I wouldn't say I'm marginally willing.  I'm very opposed.  Obviously some guys are into this stuff based by all these comments, but I'm not one of them.

CR, they tricked me into doing something that could get me fired immediately.  They have me over a barrel.  That's the only reason I'm going along with this.  Of course, by doing this to me with the information instead of telling the university right away, they put themselves in danger of getting kicked out themselves.

Anon, I can't see getting used to it.

Red, there are certain things I won't do including.  Wearing this crap is embarrassing and being forced into it by girls is downright humiliating, but it's still just clothes.  Dating would be a whole other level.

Bobby, I had to look up Kathoey.  I'm Chinese and I was born in this country.  That's a Thai thing.  I am most definitely not a "Kathoey"

Amy, as you'll see.  I'm taking more time to punctuate.  I even put in paragraphs.

LB, these girls are attractive.  If I was submissive it'd be hot. I'm the opposite though.  Tying them up could be fun, but being tied up, forced to wear a dress, and given as a birthday present not at all.

Anon, I don't want a better understanding of women.  I have never had a problem finding girls to date and I understand women well enough.

Anon, Being helpless is scary.  When I was dolled up in a mini-skirt that barely covered my crotch, tied very securely to a chair and then left for Sheila to find, I had no idea who I was left for.  I kept having visions of some big guy being the recipient.  The girls are hot and one of them who did this to me actually kind of likes me I think, but  this isn't something I want to experience.   The clothes are very difficult to describe. They feel more sensual and more uncomfortable at the same time.  Heels are crazy.

Anon, I've been doing this before this blog went up.  I won't put up a male picture because I don't want anybody to recognize me, but if you saw one, you'd be able to tell.    The girls who gave me as a present shaved my legs and arms, but I'm not real hairy.  They were going to do my chest and didn't have to. 

Anon, I know you mean it as a compliment, but please don't call me ladylike

Anon, I will not allow my brows to be plucked. 


  1. hey xiu you should go get your nails done in a nail salon. it is a great experience and you would love it. hey what part of the country do you live in.

  2. Xiu,

    I know you are not happy about this, but you might find it enjoyable. Plus if you act like you are enjoying it, the ladies might be easier on you and let you off the hook sooner. You do make a very pretty girl. I'm a crossdresser and I'm definitely jealous of you.


  3. On the one hand, I'm sympathetic to the situation you describe---being tricked and forced into skirts sounds like it would be tough to adjust to---but on the other hand so much of your story seems...well, weird and hard to believe. Usually such elaborate plots (viz. capturing and feminizing men) don't exist, and when they do, they aren't usually hatched on completely innocent strangers. Unless you are leaving something out about why these women would do this to you---have you asked them?---this sounds like some cliched forced fem crossdressing fantasy. Also, you tend to look so feminine in your pics, I would easily believe that you've been working on this drag persona for years. Frankly, if someone told me that it was a woman in those pics, I'd believe it (and for all I know, this being the web, it actually is). And you seem so happy and serene in the pics, it's hard to believe that you are being forced to do anything. You keep insisting that you are a reluctant participant in all this, but I can't help but wonder if the lady doth protest too much (ha! sorry). I don't mean to be a jerk about this, but it feels like there are some big pieces missing to this backstory that you are not revealing... Still, I wish you well in your situation, whatever it may actually be.

  4. you are one lucky guy i wish it was me

  5. Xiu,

    I told you I would be back. I am glad that you have decided to use better word choice and more appropriate grammar. Since this is just a blog, I think we are all in agreement that posts do not have to be in ALA format.

    I think I get what happened with your hints about being "tricked into something that could get you fired". My guess is that you were more than willing to help out your "hot students". The trick was more like a sting and you walked into it. I guess it is dressing pretty or explaining why you were fired. My advice, you do look like a pretty girl. Enjoy it!