Sunday, October 3, 2010



Yesterday was a long day.  It started bright and early for photos around campus and outside.  I swear they want pictures of me on every inch of campus.  I never pose twice in the same place and rarely in the same outfit.   I also am unlucky enough that at my size I can fit in all their clothes and these girls have some really trashy stuff.  They pulled it all out too.  During the day we worked on walking in heels.  I've been in them so much that I'm getting way too good at it.  

I told you I was a birthday present.  How insane is that?  Yesterday was the party.  While that was going on, I was at their neighbors tied to a chair watching a feed of Youtube videos.  Somebody would come check on me.  The two types of videos I watched were Crossdress Paradise.

if the purpose here was to show me that JAPANESE guys make convincing girls, mission accomplished. I'm not Japanese. Intermixed were videos from Bubz. This girl is beyond perky. Sheila's friend Heather said this is how they'll expect me to be soon enough. I think they are crazy. She's a cute girl, but after 20 videos that voice of hers really starts to make you wish your hands were free just so you could rip your hair out.

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  1. so pretty id like to see you with longer nails though