Sunday, November 7, 2010


If you were wondering either what my Homecoming Dress or Mistress Kristy looked like, look no further.  I didn't go to the Homecoming dance as a girl, I went as a guy on Amber's arm.  However, there was a fancy Homecoming Dinner for the Asian Students Association and Mistress Kristy arranged for me to go.

We've all been so busy.  Halloween is a huge holiday for sissies I have been told and I know you've seen my costumes.  They were worn to parties and there was a lot of shopping and preparing as well.   That was followed by all this shopping and preparing for Homecoming.   I thought I was getting out easy until Mistress Kristy brought up the idea to Mistress Sheila.

You can also see my new breast forms.  I am a B Cup.   It's taking some getting used to.  When I first started wearing them, I'd look at myself in a mirror for a long time in disbelief.   Thanks to everybody who voted for me in the Halloween contest.    I'll be posting more now that that's behind me.  Unfortunately, we're into midterms so more may be relative.