Sunday, April 10, 2011

Katie, Rebecca, and I

This weekend didn't go as I would have liked.   Friday, afternoon I received a visit from Sheila.  I wasn't thrilled when she told me to slip into a teddy and heels, while she got things set up for me.   I was already fully made up so I didn't have to do that, but returning in lingerie I was soon hogtied on my bed and a blindfold was placed on my eyes.  She put my Ipod on and the buds in my ears so I could listen to my "girly mix" for a few minutes before she starts having me describe how sissy I am, things I have done with Katie, and above all what I had done to get myself into this position and how I brought Katie into this too and lied to my friend Rebecca to get her help.  The blindfold was then removed and I saw that Sheila was no longer there, but to my shock Rebecca was.   She proceeded to chew me out for abusing our friendship and picking her education and career at risk.  I really did feel bad, but that wasn't the end of it.  She grabbed my hairbrush off the dresser and then gave me the worst spanking I've had in over a decade.  When it was done I was crying and she told me that she didn't know if her friendship meant much to me, but if it did I would accept that I deserve exactly what the girls are doing to me.  I was left on the bed stunned.  I didn't get untied for another hour and then I tired calling her, but I guess she was screening my calls.  I haven't talked to her since.  

Last night was date night for Katie and me.   Following a game of strip poker, which I won, but was still down to bra, stockings, and panties.  We had a major makeout session that involved us both giving each other hickies.  I had never done that before.   We spent the night in a rather uncomfortable forced embrace, but believe it or not we've had to do worse.