Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Break

Tomorrow afternoon, there will be an exchange of gifts and then I am going to go home for Christmas break.  I go without any supervision, but I go with a tough set of orders.  I need to return here with a dress to wear out on New Years and I've been told if it isn't satisfactory I will not like what is picked out for me.  I am also expected to take photos periodically when I'm home to show that I'm still practicing dressing up.  I am definitely looking forward to the holidays, but this does put a new wrinkle in things.

I think some of you have the wrong idea on Kristy.  She's definitely kept a watchful eye on me, but the orders come from Sheila.  Kristy just makes sure I follow them out in exchange, I have no say in what's on the television and do all the household chores.  I actually need Kristy though because she's the one who can cover for me if friends drop by or something since we live together.  I have a feeling I will be getting a ton of dresses and shoes and other pretty things tomorrow.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Yesterday's Shopping

Yesterday was payback for me not blogging.  We went out supposedly to Christmas shop and I knew that it'd be a bit embarrassing to be out dressed, but I wasn't wearing anything too outrageous.  I was allowed to go shopping in jeans.   As always we went to a mall fairly far from school to avoid bumping into people we knew.   What I didn't remember, was the mall we went to had a bridal shop.   The girls spent an hour making me model bridal wear.    They've put every sissy into bridal wear this way, but nobody else has had to do it at the mall. 

I'm not adjusting too well to this I won't lie.  Being a girl is not something I ever wished for and I've been taken so far so fast.   I'm wearing at least some feminine items 24/7, but this is just a lot to deal with.  My job hangs in the balance and yes, I guess I did take advantage of girls when I shouldn't have.   Seeing things from their point of view might even be good for me, but it's still very difficult.