Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Conflict of Interest

One of my jobs as a TA is to evaluate students.  I grade papers and have a huge effect on my students' grade in class.  I have no idea what to do about grading people with so much control over me.  They have told me to grade them like any other student and point out I haven't always been so ethical.  This just feels awkward.   My breast forms have been shipped and will be here soon.  Somebody asked before where I got them.  Try the Breastform Store.  That's actually what it's called. You can google it.  Mistress Sheila is getting irritated at my inability to do my own makeup so she's insisting I practice at least 1 hour everyday and of course she told Mistress Kristy so I will be timed.   Sometimes, it's not easy being me.


  1. That's not cute - it's sexy.

    Are you trying to turn on some guy? Or Amber?

  2. Wow! An even hotter schoolgirl pic! When you get the breast forms, you will be even curvier and hotter still. It must be weird to be turning into a sort of stereotypical object of male desire; how are you dealing with that? Given what you've said about these women and Mistress Kristy, I wouldn't be surprised if you ended up in a traditional French Maid outfit someday. Be sure to take some more pics!

    As for the grading, can you evaluate the papers without looking at the names? Otherwise, just give them the fairest grade you can, and then compare them to other papers that have the same grade, and see how it looks.

    Good luck with the makeup...

  3. You shoud grade them like anyone els, that woud be the right thing to do, and thy say it them self, but you shoud allso tell them if thy need to up thire work to get better grades if thy are slipping.


  4. Given all that's happened, it's difficult to believe this is not really a consensual D/s relationship. However, giving you the benefit of the doubt, the correct way to deal with a potential conflict of interest is to disclose it before it becomes disclosed on it's own.

  5. I know that you have little say in how you are dressed but I don't think that you want to be around guys dressed like that. They will be all over you.

    Show some enthusiasm for traditional dressing. Maybe they will let you adopt an old world persona.

    What do you you know about traditional Chinese culture? I don't know what your major is, but this might be an opportunity to learn something about your culture. Is there a crossdressing tradition?

    College is about broadening your experiences. i know this not what you had in mind, but go with it. What's your option?