Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Previous Update

I see that my previous update caused quite a stir.  I did do it simply to avoid a punishment and honestly that's the same reason I'm doing this one.  Somebody asked me about Becky, she isn't doing formal girl classes for me anymore, but I think she has shown me something.

I see women as my inferiors.  It's what has gotten me in trouble time and again.  That's what makes my status so much tougher for me to take than some of the other girls.  Not only have I been reduced to the status of an inferior, but it was inferiors who were able to put me there.  I need to face facts and exist that women are my equal because it will not only keep me out of trouble with the mistresses, but it'll probably keep me out of trouble with future relationships and employers. 

I don't know how I can fundamentally change my feelings towards 1/2 the human race at once, but I will be working on it. 

Somebody asked me about primping.  It actually takes me the longest to get ready.  Makeup is a bit more difficult with Asian features, but I make up the time in not having to remove my body hair as often.   I keep hearing that my pouting just makes me look sexier.  I'm starting to believe it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I'm still in dresses.  I know you've heard some of my situation from Katie.  I know that the main advice I get in my blog is to go along with things.  Jill has shown me there is wisdom to that course of action as she's in a much better position than I am in.  I just have this mouth the always seems to get me in trouble.  I would say that I have adopted the least to femininity of the girls and the main reason is that I have spent a lot of effort fighting it.  The wedding went OK, but it was just one of many dates I've had to go on in the last few months.  One of the reasons I don't blog much is I never know what to say.  I would certainly be willing to answer any questions you may have though.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Katie, Rebecca, and I

This weekend didn't go as I would have liked.   Friday, afternoon I received a visit from Sheila.  I wasn't thrilled when she told me to slip into a teddy and heels, while she got things set up for me.   I was already fully made up so I didn't have to do that, but returning in lingerie I was soon hogtied on my bed and a blindfold was placed on my eyes.  She put my Ipod on and the buds in my ears so I could listen to my "girly mix" for a few minutes before she starts having me describe how sissy I am, things I have done with Katie, and above all what I had done to get myself into this position and how I brought Katie into this too and lied to my friend Rebecca to get her help.  The blindfold was then removed and I saw that Sheila was no longer there, but to my shock Rebecca was.   She proceeded to chew me out for abusing our friendship and picking her education and career at risk.  I really did feel bad, but that wasn't the end of it.  She grabbed my hairbrush off the dresser and then gave me the worst spanking I've had in over a decade.  When it was done I was crying and she told me that she didn't know if her friendship meant much to me, but if it did I would accept that I deserve exactly what the girls are doing to me.  I was left on the bed stunned.  I didn't get untied for another hour and then I tired calling her, but I guess she was screening my calls.  I haven't talked to her since.  

Last night was date night for Katie and me.   Following a game of strip poker, which I won, but was still down to bra, stockings, and panties.  We had a major makeout session that involved us both giving each other hickies.  I had never done that before.   We spent the night in a rather uncomfortable forced embrace, but believe it or not we've had to do worse.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

What to Do Now?

Last night was a difficult night of the kind that only the girls can inflict on me.   Aaron is being very rapidly feminized and it really is strange for me.  I didn't want this to happen to him as he only got involved to help me, but on the other hand, I've had to kiss him and act like he's my boyfriend so it's a lot easier to do those things with him looking like a girl.  He's a bit tall for a girl, but I really had know idea he'd look that feminine.  He's always been kind of scruffy so I never saw the real feminine features.

We watched a chick flick together where we had to kiss whenever the characters did--not easy, but worse was ending the day handcuffed together with the job of kissing the long lasting lipstick off of each other and having to make pillow talk because we were being listened to on a baby monitor.  When I complained to Sheila today about how difficult the night was, I got my next assignment--if I wanted to make it easier to kiss Aaron, I should buy him lingerie and a scent that would make it easier to lose myself in the illusion.  Great, now I'm looking to buy a little something sexy for my friend.  I haven't even done this for an actual woman ever.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


From the blogs, you should know that I've been pretty rebellious since I got back from Christmas break.  I tried to bring a friend of mine into this at it backfired on me in a big way.  He's now my boyfriend and he is about the best boyfriend a sissy like me could ever have.

At all times, Aaron and I have to act in love.  Not doing so results in pretty swift punishment.   We've had to make out a lot, but it hasn't been very sexual so much as a lot of kissing, holding hands, and romance in general.   Last night, he stayed the night and by use of a baby monitor, they were able to ensure that we were engaging in pillow talk even if it went no further.   The girls have even taken to asking Aaron how I should look to be more attractive for him.  Dating me has cost him considerably too as we always go to the most romantic places.  We love each other very much.

This morning, I got up and took a bubble bath.  While I was shaving my legs, I started thinking about what I've gotten so far by resisting.   It does me no good.  I just wind up in deeper and deeper.  Mistress Colleen asked me the other day if it would be easier for me if Aaron was feminized like me too and we could be lesbians, but I couldn't do that to him.  I know Jill was given quite a bit of freedom after she stopped resisting.  That may be the best course of action for me.  I don't see a lot of other choices. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Been A Month

I apologize for taking so long to post.  Needless to say, I had some issues.  Following Christmas, I came back in no mood to resume this situation.  For now anyway, I'm agreeing to continue.  I've begun dressing again and serving as maid in my own apartment.   I understand the girls are mad about what I did as a TA and I understand that what I did probably was wrong.  Anyway, things have calmed down a bit.  I'm still shaved smooth and wearing what I'm told.  I've even gotten pretty good at doing my own makeup. I'm not thrilled, but I'll deal for now.