Saturday, October 23, 2010

Things I know

Amber is a guy.  After several romantic kisses, I was a bit upset to find the truth out, but I never was angry at him--only at being set up.   Wow, I was very close with Amber obviously and never suspected.   What finally gave it away was knowing that there were other sissies.   When I knew to be looking for guys dressed as women, I noticed his voice was just slightly off and I explored what was under his sweater very quickly and found form.  He was really worried about how I'd take it and at the time I told him, I'd never allow myself to be put in that position, but thinking about it, I can't really say that for sure.

I did call Shelia to announce her jig was up and her reaction was to laugh.  She told me the others had found out much faster than I did and that if Mistress swore I was always borrowing her clothes and they had pictures to prove I was and lots of pictures showing what a natural I was, nobody would believe it wasn't totally my doing.  If you add to that what they have on me at work and all the pictures, I guess I am kind of sunk.  Sheila told me the price for her silence was to simply keep obeying as I have been.  They have kept the secrets of the other girls more or less I guess.  She also told me I would be Amber's date for Homecoming.

I won't lie.  This is scary.   I didn't expect this to last this long and it doesn't seem to have an end in sight.  I do have my limits though.  There are some things I will not be pushed into. 


  1. I think because you decided to be very ungentlemanly and reached under Amber's sweater to cop a feel, that you need to go on a date with a cute guy and flirt with him and makeout with him... You need to beg Sheila and the other girls to hook you up with a cute guy...


  2. You keep referring to Amber as him. She is a sissy.

    At least you get to date as a guy. Amber had to date a guy and be a responsive girl for you. Did she open her mouth for you?

    Take advantage of the situation. When is the next time that you are going to go out on a date as a guy? I bet that she is still going to have to be good to you. Take advantage while you can.

  3. Dating Amber dressed as a guy isn't the worst thing.

    She is hot, right. Show her off to your friends that don't know that you are in panties. Show them that you still have the touch with hot girls.

    If you embarrass her a little, so what. She played you, didn't she?

    Sheila will probably set limits on what you can do, but parading her around as a trophy ought to help you keep up the manly guy facade.

  4. Xiu,
    In my opinion you deserve all that you have coming to you. I was a TA once. I worked hard to get the position and I worked hard as a TA. It remains one of the best educational experiences of my life. From your remarks I get the idea that you were less than ethical and that some girls could get special help from you. The way I see it, the only way you can save a sorry situation is to come clean in front of your class and hand in your resignation.

    On another subject: I am agreeing with Adrianna, about your feeling under Amber's sweater, on what the 2nd date? Is that how you treat all the girls? No matter that Amber is a guy, you apparently didn't know that. You really should take out a large ad in the student newspaper and apologize to the female students of your school.

    You just make me mad. Heather, enjoy your sissy he deserves it all.