Monday, October 4, 2010

Surprise Visit

I was grading papers this afternoon when I got an unexpected visit by 3 girls, a makeup bag, and a quick change of clothes.   They didn't bring me a dress or anything, but they fully made me over including nail polish, which they didn't bring remover for.  They then had me switch from my computer to a laptop with a pink mouse.   I don't get what's going on, but they get pictures of me every single day.  Something's going on here that I don't get. 

I've been told that things aren't changing this week.  Next week I'm supposed to start wearing a bra under my mail clothes--a bra!  I'm freaking about that.  It's going to be very noticeable.  I've also been told that there's going to be a shopping trip this weekend for clothes of my own.  I'm really stuck here, but this is really getting extreme now.

Yes Amy, you summed up my situation pretty well.  A sting is a good word for it.


  1. Yikes, that is quite a surprise; but it sounds like they are holding all the cards right now, so it doesn't sound like you have much of a choice but to go along with the program. Besides, how long can they possibly keep this up? From what you're describing, how long would they even want to keep it up? It sounds like they are investing a huge amount of time and energy (and money?) into this, all for no obvious reason or benefit. Are you SURE that you didn't piss off these women in some serious way?! Or, maybe it's some kind of prank or dare between these women---are they members of a sorority? If so, going along with the program may actually be the quickest way to bore them into stopping this; compliance, in spite of the short term humiliation, may be the best path to escape. Probably not what you want to hear, but it sounds like you don't have many options at this point anyway. As a practical note, I would think that a bra should be able to be covered up pretty easily with a slightly bulkier shirt...Fall weather is coming!

  2. Did you go home dressed or did the let you change back? You need't worry about someone taking you for a guy. You should worry more about getting hit on.

    So it is another week. That should be enough time to maybe get into it a little. If you are really as masculine as you claim, you should have some sense of adventure.

    Maybe the boss lady, or one of her friends, could take you to a lesbian bar. If you ask, maybe they will think you are liking it too much and leave you alone. Anyway, it would be an adventure.

  3. dear xiu,

    make sure to get see through blouses see when you wear dark bras people can see what a hot sissy girl you are. id love to see those bra staps and snap them on you shoulders. it feels really good when i am out in public as a guy wearing a bra and a girl or guy notices and they snap my straps it hurts but it epitomizes my role as a sissy