Sunday, April 10, 2011

Katie, Rebecca, and I

This weekend didn't go as I would have liked.   Friday, afternoon I received a visit from Sheila.  I wasn't thrilled when she told me to slip into a teddy and heels, while she got things set up for me.   I was already fully made up so I didn't have to do that, but returning in lingerie I was soon hogtied on my bed and a blindfold was placed on my eyes.  She put my Ipod on and the buds in my ears so I could listen to my "girly mix" for a few minutes before she starts having me describe how sissy I am, things I have done with Katie, and above all what I had done to get myself into this position and how I brought Katie into this too and lied to my friend Rebecca to get her help.  The blindfold was then removed and I saw that Sheila was no longer there, but to my shock Rebecca was.   She proceeded to chew me out for abusing our friendship and picking her education and career at risk.  I really did feel bad, but that wasn't the end of it.  She grabbed my hairbrush off the dresser and then gave me the worst spanking I've had in over a decade.  When it was done I was crying and she told me that she didn't know if her friendship meant much to me, but if it did I would accept that I deserve exactly what the girls are doing to me.  I was left on the bed stunned.  I didn't get untied for another hour and then I tired calling her, but I guess she was screening my calls.  I haven't talked to her since.  

Last night was date night for Katie and me.   Following a game of strip poker, which I won, but was still down to bra, stockings, and panties.  We had a major makeout session that involved us both giving each other hickies.  I had never done that before.   We spent the night in a rather uncomfortable forced embrace, but believe it or not we've had to do worse.


  1. You definitely should have known Rebecca would have found out sooner or later, Just relax though and try to have fun with what they have given you. Also maybe I am missing something but you doesn't seen that you have set your page for a following, plus I would suggest that you take time to review Katie's blogs and learn to write more of what's on your mind and what's happened in a little more detail like it really was your journal, it has been proven that writing is good therapy as well, so just think of it as that.

  2. Aloha Xiu,
    I don't know how to say this without seeming mean, but it's hard to be sympathetic to you when you talk about things not going how you 'would have liked'. I know this is hard for you, but what about your friends. Things could have turned out so much worse for you, Katie and Rebecca.

    Instead of complaining about what the girls are making you do, I'd like to hear about how you are going to make this up to Katie and Rebecca.
    Rebecca shouldn't have to 'dig' to find out what is going on. And you should be making a deal with the girls and promise to do more if they promise to take it easier on Katie.

    Perhaps you are trying to make things right and just aren't blogging about it. But you could also ask Katie if she would feel better if you blogged more and took some of the attention off of her. Or at least shared it.

    I don't like to lecture people. Life is hard enough without trying to make people feel bad about who they are or what they've done. But I think you've truly hurt some people... two of whom were supposedly your friends.

    I truly hope you'll make some gesture on your own to redeem yourself in your friends eyes... and mine.


  3. Spanked to tears - I am sorry to say that I have no sympathy. From what I can see, you have taken very little responsibility for what you have done. So Rebecca gave you something to think about.

    If you expect to move beyond where you are, I think that you will have to take responsibility.

    Poor Katie, her real crime was being your friend. Yet you let her do all of the blogging. You owe her.

    So step up. First, start blogging on a regular basis. For example, tell us about your earlier spanking experiences. Show us pictures of you pretty teddies. Show us your hickie.

    Second, go over to Rebecca's and apologize. Bring the hairbrush. I will bet that she will be a lot more forgiving if you show her that you accept that you were a very bad boy.

    Take responsibility.

  4. Xiu

    The more we learn the less we tend to emphatize with your situation...

    I have to admit it is difficult to determine exactly what you did, but it appears that you were not an ethical individual.

    The fact that you make an incredible hot looking college girl and that you continue to try and resist does help to offset the animosity... But I think it would be quite beneficial for you, as well as quite carthartic, if you admitted to yourself and the girls how poorly you behaved and that you now understand the impact of your behavior.

    Even then, I still believe that the girls are acting appropriately by administering a sort of vigilante, as well as, poetic justice. I look forward to hearing more details about your future punishments.

    From Katie's blog I know about the dildo and assume that you have been assigned to develop an appropriate name for your friend too. Since I provided a suggestion for Katie, I felt I should offer you some help as well. My suggestion would be... Aaron!

    I also believe the girls are being quite lenient in letting you get away with such infrequent blogs. I look forward to hearing from you

    In friendship