Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Previous Update

I see that my previous update caused quite a stir.  I did do it simply to avoid a punishment and honestly that's the same reason I'm doing this one.  Somebody asked me about Becky, she isn't doing formal girl classes for me anymore, but I think she has shown me something.

I see women as my inferiors.  It's what has gotten me in trouble time and again.  That's what makes my status so much tougher for me to take than some of the other girls.  Not only have I been reduced to the status of an inferior, but it was inferiors who were able to put me there.  I need to face facts and exist that women are my equal because it will not only keep me out of trouble with the mistresses, but it'll probably keep me out of trouble with future relationships and employers. 

I don't know how I can fundamentally change my feelings towards 1/2 the human race at once, but I will be working on it. 

Somebody asked me about primping.  It actually takes me the longest to get ready.  Makeup is a bit more difficult with Asian features, but I make up the time in not having to remove my body hair as often.   I keep hearing that my pouting just makes me look sexier.  I'm starting to believe it.


  1. well. short, sweet, to the point. hopefully 'tongue in cheek'.

    First, I asked about the ' primping' not as a comparison to the housemates , or in a racist way - just as general info , as a wanna be ... Your daily routine in getting ready , that kind of stuff.

    I'm sure You have heard most of us would love to be in Your dress and wish You no bad experiences. IF this is that for You, that the beauty part is irrelevant, the Amigas maybe need to re evaluate and say adios.

    Just for me I wish You could adjust but recognize that this is a serious situation with lots of implications. I wish You well. Dolly

  2. Wow! If this has taught you that lesson, you will have learned a lot. I think all the girls are better for this experience.

  3. One question asked often is what goes on in the closet?

  4. You really don't get this do you? You are lucky I'm not your mistress. You would learn a new attitude.