Sunday, March 13, 2011

What to Do Now?

Last night was a difficult night of the kind that only the girls can inflict on me.   Aaron is being very rapidly feminized and it really is strange for me.  I didn't want this to happen to him as he only got involved to help me, but on the other hand, I've had to kiss him and act like he's my boyfriend so it's a lot easier to do those things with him looking like a girl.  He's a bit tall for a girl, but I really had know idea he'd look that feminine.  He's always been kind of scruffy so I never saw the real feminine features.

We watched a chick flick together where we had to kiss whenever the characters did--not easy, but worse was ending the day handcuffed together with the job of kissing the long lasting lipstick off of each other and having to make pillow talk because we were being listened to on a baby monitor.  When I complained to Sheila today about how difficult the night was, I got my next assignment--if I wanted to make it easier to kiss Aaron, I should buy him lingerie and a scent that would make it easier to lose myself in the illusion.  Great, now I'm looking to buy a little something sexy for my friend.  I haven't even done this for an actual woman ever.


  1. wowzeez
    you are so lucky to have such caring Mistresses and a sweet friend like aaron. I get so jealous reading your blog.

    Goodluck in future and in being a goodgirl who is obedient to Mistress. Resistance is bad for you.


  2. You two are just soooooo pretty and femnin woudden mind helping you two with kissing pratic :)


  3. What to do? The short answer, I guess, is do what you were told.

    But maybe it is time to do more than the minimum. Buy Katie a nice piece of lingerie and some perfume but go a little further. If you don’t have something sexy, get yourself something. And buy her a real present - chocolate covered strawberries, some thing sensual that you can share.

    You know where they are pushing you. They want you and Katie to be an item. You know they will get their way. Why make them handcuff you?

    I am sure that the remnant of your male ego is worried about being gay but look at her. She is hot! How could going to bed with such a hot chick make you gay?

    Ask her over for a romantic evening. Do each other's nails. Watch a movie. give her a massage. Don’t wait until it is forced on you. It just might move you both closer to the other side. Whatever that is.


  4. Sounds like a wonderful assignment. How will you decide which fragrance is right?

    Perhaps Paris Hilton Heiress or Glow by J Lo or Fantasy by Britney Spears... or maybe Vera Wang Princess would be most appropriate

    So many choices, so many scents...

    Enjoy your shopping experience and remember you will be in close contact with Katie so choose carefully... ;)