Saturday, February 26, 2011


From the blogs, you should know that I've been pretty rebellious since I got back from Christmas break.  I tried to bring a friend of mine into this at it backfired on me in a big way.  He's now my boyfriend and he is about the best boyfriend a sissy like me could ever have.

At all times, Aaron and I have to act in love.  Not doing so results in pretty swift punishment.   We've had to make out a lot, but it hasn't been very sexual so much as a lot of kissing, holding hands, and romance in general.   Last night, he stayed the night and by use of a baby monitor, they were able to ensure that we were engaging in pillow talk even if it went no further.   The girls have even taken to asking Aaron how I should look to be more attractive for him.  Dating me has cost him considerably too as we always go to the most romantic places.  We love each other very much.

This morning, I got up and took a bubble bath.  While I was shaving my legs, I started thinking about what I've gotten so far by resisting.   It does me no good.  I just wind up in deeper and deeper.  Mistress Colleen asked me the other day if it would be easier for me if Aaron was feminized like me too and we could be lesbians, but I couldn't do that to him.  I know Jill was given quite a bit of freedom after she stopped resisting.  That may be the best course of action for me.  I don't see a lot of other choices. 


  1. Xiu, you are finally getting the idea, enjoy it while you can, This might be the most important lesson of your life!

  2. Find the sweet spot. Too much resistance brings too much pain. Too little, and it's no fun for anyone - for you or for the mistresses. Good luck with that!

    You look very cute in this picture, btw.

  3. You are such a tease. You tell us that you are dating Aaron, holding hands and kissing. But no pictures. You even let him take you to bed. I think we would all like to see what you were wearing and have you tell us more about what you said and did. Please, please, please.

    That said, it really sounds like you are finally adapting. Resistance is futile. Go with it and see how it comes out.

    I also think that you are starting to mature a little. You really did not get why your behavior led to such a strong reaction. You were really very self-centered.

    Your willingness to wear the panties in your relationship with Aaron and let him wear the pants seems really selfless. I think that is your first step toward self awareness and maybe your first step toward release. Just be a good girl and let it happen at its own pace.

    Give Aaron a hug and a kiss.


  4. You look so cute in that pic, any man woud be lucky to go out with you.

  5. C'mon, Xiu, you can't give up so easily! If you do, they'll just roll right over you!

  6. Do you not want Aaron feminized because you couldn't do that to him, or because you would rather be held and kissed by a man?

  7. Be there for Katie. She is going to need someone to hold her hand.