Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I'm still in dresses.  I know you've heard some of my situation from Katie.  I know that the main advice I get in my blog is to go along with things.  Jill has shown me there is wisdom to that course of action as she's in a much better position than I am in.  I just have this mouth the always seems to get me in trouble.  I would say that I have adopted the least to femininity of the girls and the main reason is that I have spent a lot of effort fighting it.  The wedding went OK, but it was just one of many dates I've had to go on in the last few months.  One of the reasons I don't blog much is I never know what to say.  I would certainly be willing to answer any questions you may have though.


  1. First , YOU have already made the decision , You moved into 'sissy house' , so accept Your own decision. easy for me to say , I'm one of the 95% of readers would would love to be ... I mentioned this 'say You're studying fairly intensely , glance down and notice Your feminine curves under a simple tee shirt , How do You feel , smile to yourself ? I guess You would say 'hate' ? I really wish I could help You with that.

    Questions - IF You're really stuck for an essay, we always love day to day stuff - how long it typically takes to 'primp' , What You're doing ( job ? no details , just ' I work in a department store') or whatever ; did You Girls take dance lessons as was being discussed ? even grim stuff , ' I spent 6 hours in 'the box' ( cool hand Luke') and they also tied my hands behind, I was so angry I could have kicked the door down'

    even Your least favorite or most favorite outfits - I don't know the technical details of your blog , more pictures are of course always welcome - of You and Your roomies.
    You would get big bonus points IF You made a photo montage like the WIX sites ( not the wedding , we understand and are OK with those restrictions) but Princess party , moving in , just day to day snapshots ... probably the Amigas would be fine with skipping an essay to spend time on a nice montage.
    very glad to have You put up essays. Dolly

  2. Hi Xiu, I know you don't like hearing this, but with a nice smile and some cute dresses you should really have nothing to worry about. I know it's not every guys dream to be made into a girl by far, but a lot of the girls here are right which you seem to have admitted to finally, one thing that you might want to do to practice with your mouth, is to have katie or maybe Jill start giving you commands on stuff to do that the girls would put you through, but they have to be serious about it, because that way you can practice holding your tongue. Hope th girls aren't putting you on too much of a strict diet, you seem to have lost some of that nice soft flesh in this picture compared to some of the others.

    As for blogging some advice would be to simply pick a situation to write about and explain what happened and what happened after describing what happened explain what your feelings were of it and how it made you feel, and what you learned. When you include some simple dialogue it makes the blog that more personal and helps your feelings come across.

    Don't feel the blog is something you have to do, take as a way to escape your true emotions. This is a just for you to just let it all out and complain and explain to as much as your hearts content, or brag about how well things went one week compared to another.

    One thing to start blogging about would be to talk about your dating, daily activities and sports you take part in, hobbies etc and how being a girl has affected you in doing them.

    This is some advice I hope will help you in writing, remember to just treat this blog as an escape of your feelings, and talk about what happened during the week. Try set a goal of yourself for 2 paragraphs the first few weeks, then increase that to 3 paragraphs after that.

    As for questions. I know a lot of people want to know what actually happens when you got put into the sissy closet? Also I was wondering what have your dates been like recently and who had to date? Finally, have you found being out in public and going shopping etc has gotten easier?

    It would be cute of you and Katie tanning in a Bikini in the backyard. At least you have others to model yourself after dear, Remember to set goals for yourself, not something you want to do, but at least a goal will help motivate you to improve see if the Mistresses wouldn't be willing on an incentive reward system for each goal you set that is achieved.

    Finally, by the way, have you started looking for work yet?


  3. Hi Xiu,

    I am surprised you are still arguing at every little thing, you think you would have learned by now that it gets you no where. I would take advantage of the time you have ling with the other gurls, to let your heart out. I hear you have at least been going to Jill for advice and that is good. If you have been having trouble with your mouth. Maybe you could save it and vent it on your blog where they won't punish you for it, instead of mouthing to their face. Letting the steam off that way will at least let you vent, but don't make the blog all about venting anger, you know we still have yet to hear in your own words how you are truly sorry for what you did to the girls in holding their grades hostage for dates, I would think by now you would see how very innapropriate and degrading to the girls that was.

    So has being a girl for about half a year now changed at how you look at sexy clothing at all? Also I was wondering who you room with and how the room is decorated, themes, beds, etc does each person in the room share a vanity? Who got the privilege of the master bedroom?

    Take care and try to enjoy your Summer Xiu, it has probably been more comfortable in shorts and skirts then heavy jeans, I should know by now at least that girls do indeed have more fun.

    I know one thing you could blog about for next time is a little more detail about the wedding, take Cindy's blog for example, or talk about your experience at the bacelerette party.

    A picture of you on the dance pole would be a great contribution to the blog.


  4. Tell us about your dates. Where did you meet the guys? What did you do? How far did you go? Do you have a steady?


  5. Hi Xiu,

    You know you are fighting against something that probably will not go your way, so my advice would probably be save that fighting and try to take up something you like that the girls will let you work at and put your frustration towards that instead of the girls, as well as vent in your blog, that way you can save yourself from your big mouth. It is good you are going to Jill for advice and comforting, and that you have seen how much she has changed since going along with everything. Remember fighting everything even little things just makes the girls think of something worse for you. So you can either accept what they have already planned or fight and accept something worse.

    I was wondering if the next time you post we could see a cute interactive picture of you pole dancing during the bacellerotte party, or you dancing in the dress you took to the wedding. One thing to talk about would be your dates and your reaction to them, not just one liners but how it made you feel, if you think you are improving, and what you might have taken as a positive out of it.

    Hope this helps, remember this won't last forever, and actually it is a fact that about 80% of CDs are straight hun, so keep that in mind. Just because you are in a dress and have dated a guy doesn't make you gay, and people now a days are more accepting of people's life preferences. Also I was wondering what your majoring in, and how you decorated your room?

    The more you accept dear, the sooner it will be over, and the more fun you will have.

  6. Oh and Xiu, I was wondering if you could set your profile settings to allow followers again, for some reason I can't see a link to that like on Jill's, Cindy's, and Katie's blogs. Also I was wondering how you and your old roommate, and Rebecca are getting along, are the girls making you sit on classes still?


  7. Here's a bit of a harangue: you may not know what to say exactly, but to be honest, this seems like a very half-assed attempt at a blogging update. Yeah, yeah, I know that we should be grateful for any updates from you sissies, and you get what you pay for, etc., etc., but this reads more like a minimal amount of grudging effort. No doubt this is part of your ongoing general resistance and defiance to your present situation. I mean, 'I'm still in dresses'?! 'The wedding was OK, but it was just one of many dates'? Where are the colorful details? The interesting specifics? Didn't someone mention something somewhere about you and a punishment closet? And what the hell is the 'punishment closet'? I'm betting that you asked the mistresses what the minimum amount of words you could get away with on these updates, and then hit that number exactly, hmmm? Methinks that It's not just your mouth that is getting you in trouble, it's your whole attitude towards this. It certainly doesn't fit with the coy French Maid I see on the sidebar as I'm writing this (which is delightful, by the way). The mistresses would be perfectly justified in sending you to a real ass-kicking, seriously intense professional dominatrix for a weekend---and I bet there are some local ones who would jump at the chance, for free, once they hear the backstory about you---to give you clearer perspective on things (esp. how grateful you should be for such generous and easy-going mistresses and how you should be going out of your way to please them...including by writing detailed and expansive blog updates). On the other hand, to be perfectly fair, your obvious unhappiness with your situation gives you a near perfect supermodel pout in most of your pics, which is very sexy indeed. And see! It's not that hard to write more (as I am now proving!)...and you have many, many interesting stories to tell of your experiences, I'm guessing. Maybe you should try a shot or two of tequila before you start blogging...

  8. Here's a question. How do you handle meeting your friends who knew you as a guy? Do you admit that you were forced into dresses as punishment? Or do you tell them that you like being feminine? Do any of them come on to you?

  9. Xiu - from this essay ( and photo ) You seem to still be ' anti. ! ' -- I have no idea of Your relationship with housemates , BUT - try to be a POSITIVE force.

    I suggested and think a good step would be - ask permission of Your housemates to put up a WIX photo montage similar to what the Amigas ( Sheila ? ) made for each - even have them select 2 or 3 of their favorite outfits , or least fave , good candid snapshots, etc. I think this would be a positive. Another big bonus might be - a Youtube video of You in 'fashion show' with short interview. third - organize a 'Girls night out'

    I'm sure You've done several positive things in High School, first 2 years of college. think Positive here.

    feel free to DELETE this post. good luck. Dolly

  10. I'm sorry to hear that you feel so frustrated with you situation. As a closet CD, I'm totally jealous, but can understand that it is not your cup of tea. I am curious if there is any part of being feminine that you do like? You are very beautiful, that must feel nice. Well, I know its easy for me to say, but try to enjoy this experience. Danielle