Sunday, November 7, 2010


If you were wondering either what my Homecoming Dress or Mistress Kristy looked like, look no further.  I didn't go to the Homecoming dance as a girl, I went as a guy on Amber's arm.  However, there was a fancy Homecoming Dinner for the Asian Students Association and Mistress Kristy arranged for me to go.

We've all been so busy.  Halloween is a huge holiday for sissies I have been told and I know you've seen my costumes.  They were worn to parties and there was a lot of shopping and preparing as well.   That was followed by all this shopping and preparing for Homecoming.   I thought I was getting out easy until Mistress Kristy brought up the idea to Mistress Sheila.

You can also see my new breast forms.  I am a B Cup.   It's taking some getting used to.  When I first started wearing them, I'd look at myself in a mirror for a long time in disbelief.   Thanks to everybody who voted for me in the Halloween contest.    I'll be posting more now that that's behind me.  Unfortunately, we're into midterms so more may be relative.


  1. Wow, you are so beautiful. You look incredible in that pink dress. Look forward to hearing more about your new life.

  2. when can we expect pictures of you and amber?

  3. Looks like you had a good time.

    We need details.

    Did Kristy introduce you to any guys?

    How did your date with Amber go? Were her kisses as hot now that you know her secret? Did you introduce her to your fiends? Is she a good dancer? When you took her home, did she invite you in?

    At the Halloween parties, did guys hit on you? Did you flirt?


    BTW, you look gorgeous with your breasts. I was afraid that even a B cup would be too much on you delicate frame. While you are giving us details, how about your vital statistics?

    Have fun and make sure you thank Miss Sheila for everything.

  4. You are bouth ver beautiful, I hope you had a good time.

  5. I see the beautiful girl in this picture dated Nov. 9th and I realize that you were first put into panties on Sept. 29th - 6 weeks ago. You have come a long way, baby.

    I know that the mistresses have laughed at you for how easy you were. But I think that is all part of turning you. The other sissies may have resisted more but what did it get them. Resistance is futile. So be a good girl, obey the mistresses and try to fit in with the other sissies.

    The one thing that you really need to do is acknowledge what you did to get yourself into this. I know you keep saying that you don’t deserve to be feminized. But I think what you mean is that a lot of guys take advantage of their authority. Probably rue. But you are the one that was caught and made to pay the price. Bad luck, but you deserve what happened. I can’t imagine that the mistresses will relent as long as you deny your behavior. Confession has got top be the first step.

    Good luck.

  6. You look real nice it your dress Xiu, I hope you thanked Miss Kristy for the opportunity. How was Thanksgiving? Where did you spend it? LGB

  7. Xiu, you look so pretty in this gown. But you've
    been naughty for not posting. Tell us how things
    are going with your roommate. Is she more demanding than the others? It must be hard living
    with a mistress.